Design Unique and Inspiring Custom Boxes


Custom kits can be used as an immediate way to boost your business' brand or as a long-term solution to stay connected with customers. We are capable and ready to build a solution around each and every client's request. A colorful custom-printed box filled with your choice of items or promotional products is a sure way to stand out from the rest!

When it comes to Vizi's custom box capabilities; the opportunities are endless. Create a custom-printed box kit and instantly show off your brand while enticing your customers to open up and see what's inside. These custom packages can be a short or long-term solution for your business and customers to be connected in an interactive way. 

Here at Vizi we have the capability, manpower, and expertise to handle any custom box project. Whether it is storage, fulfillment, or shipping logistics; we are your one stop shop. What a fun and unique way to be seen!