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Looking for a way to connect print to the web?
To increase the relevance of print among younger consumers?
To add a "wow" factor to your marketing collateral?

Think QR codes.

Quick Response Codes (QR Codes) act as mobile shortcuts to websites, discount coupons, videos, and anything web-related that you can dream up. The benefits of QR codes are numerous:

• A simple addition to your marketing pieces
• The cost to you is very little
• Transforms your promotion into one that is interactive and highly effective
• Grab immediate response
• They are trackable so you can determine what marketing efforts work best

Here is a small sampling of what can be done with QR codes:

• Add to a poster so passersby can get instant access to more information
• Add to your business card to take people right to your website or promotion
• Add to a direct mail piece to bring viewers right to the product or service you are promoting
• Add to CD Cases so listeners can go right to the band's facebook page
• Add them to table cards at restaurants to encourage customers to sign up for a loyalty program
• Print them on window clings so shoppers can get access to a coupon right outside the store
• Add them to magazine ads to get readers to make a purchase right when their interest is highest
• And anything else you can dream up!

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